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Product design
October 5, 2022
5 minutes

Ellie’s Roadmap Update – Q4 2022

Interested in what’s next for Ellie? Read on to find out about our upcoming releases and our direction going forward!
Product design
August 11, 2022
7 minutes

Why Data Teams need Product Design

Explaining why product design thinking is critical in giving hands-on steps for a succesful data product.
Company Vision
July 21, 2022
4 minutes

Going Global, Ellie CEO Company Update

Ellie is expaniding into the global markets and is growing it's team. Our CEO shares his thouts on where we are and what's to
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July 19, 2022
3 minutes

Ellie version 4.3 - Customizable Entity Types

Ellie version 4.3 is now out. The new update includes bug fixes, improvements, and a new feature - customizable entity types.
Product design
Data Mesh
July 16, 2022
7 minutes

How to think of Data as a Product

“Data is an asset” is a smart-sounding sentence often found in corporate presentations, but the tide has turned: now “Data is
Data industry
Company Vision
June 7, 2022
4 minutes

Where is the data world going? The 4 big megatrends

Here are, what we believe, the four data megatrends that will have a big impact on the future of the data industry.


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