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At the core, Ellie let’s you create multi-layer maps of meaning where everything is connected. It’s platform and tech agnostic, which let’s your use it in any way you’d want. As a result, our customers keep finding new ways of using product design and high-level data modeling to deliver actionable business concepts.
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Master data management

Model your Master Data with Ellie

Master Data Management is crucial for ensuring your processes and systems stay in sync and your core business entities are valid. Modeling your Master Data with Ellie helps you understand what are the actual things you need to manage, and how they are related to the rest of the world.


Enterprise information architecture

Create a higher-level view of your data

Data is an asset, but all assets need to be understood to be properly managed. Ellie helps you create a higher-level, business-relevant view of your data, where every project adds to the big picture view:
Collaborate with the business to identify your data assets

Keep focus on the valuable information content

Approach from both top-down rather than bottom-up directions

Link everything together via reusable entities


Analytics Design

Share logical models as star schemas

Makes it easy to work with Data Analysts. Share logical models as star schemas, with a clear business knowledge lineage and continuous exploration of what data is available

For every analytics project, you need to understand the business goal and the scope of your analytical product. Use Ellie to communicate efficiently with your business experts and to map out the core requirements and the data structures.

Ellie makes complex data modeling simple

Never before have IT and Business stakeholders collaborated in such an effective way. Forget about legacy data modeling tools and embrace the future of business-driven data modeling.

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