Data Mesh

A new data management paradigm, Data Mesh, has been gaining a lot of traction lately. Invented by Zhamak Dehghani, it’s centered around business-oriented Data Products encompassing the whole data supply chain of a certain domain area, instead of a single, monolithic Data Lake or a Warehouse. Ellie helps you design your core business data entities within your domain fast, and enables cross-domain communication with ease - leading to a vastly improved Data Mesh Design.
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Identified values

Data Products with clear value

Your products should be technology-agnostic, covering all possible needs with necessary integration interfaces. Therefore, designing the Data Products based on business-driven data modeling is not only a practically sensible decision but in fact absolutely necessary for the Mesh to succeed.

Ellie helps you identify your real business entities and understand how they relate to each other in a fast and easy way!


Centralized glossary

Centralized Glossary across the mesh

Ellie’s Business Glossary is your centralized repository of all the important business entities used in your models. Every entity ever added into Ellie becomes an entry in the Glossary, tying together the different use cases and viewpoints you have across different models. This let’s you see how different models are linked to each other through the entities within them.


Cross-domain collaboration

Sharing domain data as easy as sharing a link

Data Mesh helps individual domains to be well-optimized internally, but at the same time can make it difficult to integrate information between multiple domains. Sharing data isn’t the problem here, it’s sharing the business context (contextual metadata) that is the challenge.

Ellie helps you tackle this knowledge gap, by making cross-domain knowledge sharing as easy as sharing a link. All your data structures get stored in a single platform agnostic, web tool, and you can dive deep into the semantics with ease - helping you find what you need quickly, no matter from which part of the mesh you are.


Domain Agnostic

Stay connected and informed across the mesh, no matter your data stack

Ellie gives data consumers access to the business context, also known as contextual metadata, or information on how business and data structures relate to each other in the real world. This makes it easier for your data consumers to get familiar with your data operations, without having to drown in rows of technical metadata that can get confusing.
File-based export/import via CSVs with JSON format

Glossary API

Model API

Ellie makes complex data modeling simple

Never before have IT and Business stakeholders collaborated in such an effective way. Forget about legacy data modeling tools and embrace the future of business-driven data modeling.

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