Data Culture

Bridging the gap between data and business teams can be a challenge. Most large enterprise CDOs see data culture, not technology, as the biggest hurdle to becoming more data-driven.

Ellie enables data teams to involve your business experts with ease, giving them tools to be more open to using data in their initiatives, and makes product design and non-technical collaboration a crucial part of your company’s data stack.
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Promote Data Literacy

Drive Productive Data Conversations

Let’s face it, talking data with non-data experts can be a challenge. It slows down the adoption of data across the company.

Use Ellie to avoid this, use simplified data models to understand each other and drive productive data conversations.

Using high-level visual conceptual data models enables you to explain exactly what you mean.

And the business glossary ensures you're talking the same language across the whole organization.


Simplicity in Collaboration

Collaborate with Your Teams on the Fly, Design Data Products Fast

Send a link to your Ellie model, and everyone can jump in and start working on your product design in a matter of seconds.

There's no need to install software, share PDFs and images, or have months-long email conversations.

If you don’t know where to start, use one of our brainstorming frameworks and model templates to kick off your session.

Ellie is designed to work for data teams as well as domain experts, so there aren't technical hurdles to designing data products.


Get Stakeholder Buy-In

Exponentially Growing Interest
in Data Products & Initiatives

On average, for each person creating a data model on Ellie, there are over six business users.

A collaborative tool like Ellie gets everyone closer to data initiatives, making them smarter in using data.

Our experience shows that the ease of use brings in more business users, enabling data teams to spread literacy.

This inevitably results in greater stakeholder buy-in.

Ellie makes complex data modeling simple

Never before have IT and Business stakeholders collaborated in such an effective way. Forget about legacy data modeling tools and embrace the future of business-driven data modeling.

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