Data Vault & Warehousing

Making costly mistakes in the design of a data warehouse is all too common. Ellie helps you get the fundamentals right and helps you maintain that focus throughout the whole process - helping you test your concerns early on, and catch crucial flaws before making a longer commitment.
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Data Platform

Design Business-Driven Data Platforms

Catch the real business requirements

Create a robust blueprint for your data warehouse

Export what you have discovered into other tools

Keep the focus on business, not systems

Make the data you serve easier to utilize & understand


Business Focused

Collaboration is the key when building a business-oriented Data Warehouse

When building a Data Warehouse, the best and most future-proof approach is to design the DW according to your actual business needs and concepts instead of source system structures. To do so, Ellie makes cooperation between domain experts and data teams fast and simple. It results in business-driven conceptual data models which act as a blueprint of the entire Data Warehouse. Ellie lets you get the fundamentals right, and you start building, helping ensure that your data initiative continuously maintains the linkage with your business objectives.


Data Vault Ready

Easily derive Data Vault models from Ellie models

Data Vault methodology is increasingly popular, and at its core, it's about identifying and utilizing the key business concepts of the enterprise.

Ellie offers a clear and easy process when kicking off your data warehouse discussions. Helping you define a clear plan before jumping into technicalities, and letting you share it with ease when implementing your design. Our approach is tried and tested to work with Data Vault across multiple enterprises and helps companies succeed in this initiative.



The reusability of conceptual data models

The reusability of conceptual data models is what makes them so great. Staying high-level lets you define data structures that are valuable and usable regardless of the initiative. You can be creating a data vault for your data warehouse initiative, but as your design is based on the business reality, you can reuse it for other data products, for example:
When you design an invoicing data model, you can also use it when implementing new automation capabilities, or renewing your Finance ERP System.

Your Customer Management designs can be applied when renewing a CRM system

If you’ve created conceptual data models around your Logistics domain, the same models can be used when trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across your chain.


Integration with Automation Tools

Automate & speed up Data Warehouse

To make your workflow more efficient, Ellie offers integrations with some of the most widely adopted data vault automation tools on the market. This means, that once you’ve designed your data models on a higher level, you can easily use them in your development tools like Wherescape, VaultSpeed, and Datavault Builder via one of the integrations:
File-based export/import via CSVs with JSON format

Glossary API

Model API

Ellie makes complex data modeling simple

Never before have IT and Business stakeholders collaborated in such an effective way. Forget about legacy data modeling tools and embrace the future of business-driven data modeling.

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