May 15, 2024

Ellie Version 6.4 Released! Say Hello to the New Dashboard!

Stan Dmitriev
Head of Prototype Team,

This release brings a new user interface to the Home Page, refreshed Model and Entity list views in Ellie, and adds a new way to browse models by collections.

Bringing Enterprise Functionality

As companies start using Ellie on much larger scales, we’re enabling easier ways to navigate through their assets.

So we’re focussing on enterprise workflows that support faster ways to create, use, and manage models within Ellie.

Upcoming Enterprise Functionality:

  • New Dashboard (released)
  • Personal Collection Flow (Q2 ‘24)
  • New User Type — Contributor (Q2 ‘24)
  • Better Search Functionality (H2 ‘24)
  • Expanded Metadata Capabilities (H2 ‘24)
  • Sub-Glossaries and Collection Improvements (H2 ‘24)

We’re releasing the new Dashboard as the first step in enabling these workflows. The redesigned UI makes it easier for you to sort and browse through Models and Entities in Ellie.

New Homepage

You’ll see the new homepage when you log into your Ellie environment.

The redesigned page offers access to recently used assets, more detailed views, and allows you to interact with Collections.

Overall, the homepage brings a new design philosophy to Entity and Models. The element cards offer more detail about each element, information that you can now access without needing to access the element.

Collection Page

On the left sidebar, you will notice a new Collections tab where you can see all the model collections to which you have access.

The redesigned page enables you to see all your assets in a more organized way.

You can also see who has editing rights for the specific collection.

Model Page

The model list follows the same design philosophy and enables you to easily browse models with great detail, at a glance. 

Each card has information on the current status of the model, the model type (conceptual, logical, physical), collection name, its description, last updated time, and the number of entities used in the model.

Glossary Page

You can now search and access personal as well as general Entities via the Glossary page. This view will support a Gitflow-like approval process that enables users to copy to and from a Personal Collection.

The update, including the card view and a more efficient layout, improves usability for large teams. You should now find it easier to search and browse models and your glossary.

You can test the updates in your Ellie environment, and please contact us at if you have any questions.