Leverage GenAI to Create Data Models

‘Self-Serve’ Modeling

Ellie’s AI feature enables anyone in your company to create data models.

Bring domain expertise and business stakeholders to the conversation so that the data team doesn’t have to start from scratch when building data products.

Your data expert can then modify this and convert to physical models or database schemas.

Build from User Stories

Even data modelers and architects struggle when creating models that represent complex processes or particularly detailed concepts.

You can now take text you already have and turn it into a data model in less than a minute.

For instance, do you have a user story that was created by the logistics team? Or maybe you’re trying to implement GDPR constraints within your ERP?

You can input these large blocks of text and get an editable ER diagram.

Chat to Create Models

Do you struggle with mapping out processes? It doesn’t matter if you’re a domain expert or a data expert, it’s not easy to know where to start with a data model.

Well, you can now chat with our AI assistant to build a basic model in a few minutes.

You can provide context and ask the AI chatbot to suggest most probable entities, build relationships, and more.

The model can be edited and improved in exactly the same way, by having a conversation with Ellie.

Build a Comprehensive Semantic Layer

As you create models in Ellie that are linked to your business metadata, say from your data catalog or based on your database schemas, you’re also creating a semantic layer that captures the realities of your business.

Just like people, LLMs require context to interpret data correctly. Ellie’s conceptual data models capture this.

So, the semantic layer you’re creating in the background provides our LLM greater context and your models improve over time.