May 24, 2023

Miss seeing the colleagues at the office? Get to know Ellie as a workplace!

Siiri from TalentBee

Working completely remotely? Do you secretly miss the days when you worked together with your team at the office?

If you find yourself constantly thinking about changing jobs – here’s what you should know about Ellie as a workplace! Simplicity, rationality and close-knit collaboration – those are the words that describe work and life at Ellie pretty well… and working together with your colleagues at the office, several days a week! Let’s dig a little deeper.

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As Ellie’s business is growing fast on global markets and our tool is becoming widely known among top industry experts – we are about to start scaling our teams. In particular, our CTO and Co-Founder, Jari “Jaffa” Jaanto's tech team will be hiring a lot of new colleagues during the coming year.

Jaffa, (3rd on the left). The words systems thinker, “situational architect” and a humane listener would describe him as a leader pretty well. These are great traits when it comes to leading a team working on complex issues.

What’s in it for you? Keep reading!

Internationally fast-growing business and a lot of opportunities

What kind of a business is Ellie?

We are a start-up company founded in 2019. We develop and deliver a Product Design and Collaboration tool called Ellie, used by large enterprises to document and manage their data assets and to blueprint their data solutions.

People that use our product describe it as simple and very easy to use and get up and running. In fact, we have aimed to serve the new generation of information architects and data analysts while it doesn’t hurt to have a modern, fresh-looking product that business people love, too.

“When we started to develop Ellie, it was originally designed for our own use in our previous business. As we realized that there is definitely a need for this kind of a product in the market, we decided to spin Ellie off into its own business,” says Johannes Hovi, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellie.

“Our goal is to internationalize and become a global, international company with a multicultural, inclusive and diverse team,” says Johannes, Co-Founder and CEO at Ellie.

Read more about Ellie’s founding story here!

Three aspects that make working at Ellie unique – just like using our product

#1 Simplicity and ease

“For me, it was working with data-related topics, abstract concepts, innovative new technologies, and building a global cloud service distributed by modern web technologies that made me become interested in Ellie’s vision in the first place”, says Jaffa

Jaffa is one of those visionary people who learned to code at the age of 8, and who, like experienced people with demanding needs, also wants a meaningful working life. From a developer’s perspective, Jaffa describes the development work itself at Ellie as somewhat complex, but in contrast to that, working life at Ellie is very clear and calm.

“For example, we don't work overtime. In our team, we focus on getting a lot of things done in 7,5 hours and being motivated to work for the development of the product in the long term. We build our working methods for the long-term growth of the company and well-being for ourselves”, says Jaffa.

#2 Data-driven and rational

Reason-first, honesty and logic are important aspects of Ellie’s company culture.

“As a person, I'm outspoken, not in a bad way – and a good listener. I can identify and observe problems in our team cooperation well”, Jaffa says.

Honesty and thinking about the smartest way of doing things drives past all hierarchies at Ellie. Everyone in the team is encouraged to participate in decisions, while having a clear, common vision of the future.  

“We always try to find the objective truth and go with what makes the most sense. You are always free to suggest if something is wrong and you have a better idea. This also shows as a very Finnish, non-hierarchical culture, which our people from other cultures are fascinated by – after the initial culture shock”, Jaffa says with a smile.

#3 Seamless collaboration

“This is the most inclusive workplace I have ever worked in.”

That’s what a person in Jaffa’s team recently said to him. As building seamless collaboration is one of the most important visions for Ellie’s product, it’s a crucial part of Ellie’s culture, too. For us, inclusivity means letting and encouraging everyone to say their ideas, concerns and questions out loud.

Ellie's culture is also characterized by the whole team being present at the office in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Today, when many companies have moved to mainly remote work, Ellie’s team wants to go in a different direction. The team works several days a week at the office, together.

Ellie’s team works several days a week at the office, together.

“The hybrid model and being present at the office makes seamless collaboration and, for example, pair coding much easier and more simple. Of course, remote work days are something that all of us enjoy from time to time”, says Jaffa.

Sounds pretty radical in today's world, right? But as we all information workers know, the fully-remote culture has already shown its downsides to many. For example, studies have shown that stress increases over the course of back-to-back virtual meetings.

We have managed to minimize this boredom in our own team quite well! Spending time together at the office brings joy to our team as we also get to throw release parties and have our traditional International Food Days – where everyone brings typical dishes from their home country for the team to taste.

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