December 14, 2022
5 minutes

Ellie Version 4.4 - Glossary API

Juha Korpela
Chief Product Officer,

We have released another batch of goodies with Ellie version 4.4! The update is automatically applied to everyone. Below, we’ll explain what’s new!

New feature: Glossary API

Your Ellie Glossary, the list of business concepts and their definitions as well as other metadata, is a valuable repository of business knowledge. With our new APIs, utilizing this information and keeping Ellie and the rest of your system landscape in sync has never been easier!

Our REST API endpoints enable you to read and modify the Glossary in Ellie via programmatical means. That is to say, setting up two-way integrations between Ellie and other tools such as Data Catalogs is now simple! All CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are possible for individual entities and/or attributes in the Glossary.

The new endpoints are documented on our public Confluence site.

A screenshot of our Glossary API endpoint documentation in Confluence

Some of the possible use cases for these endpoints are, for example, syncing the terms & definitions in Ellie’s Glossary with an external terminology source (such as a Data Catalog), or writing technical implementation information from data engineering tools back into Ellie (like “where has data about this entity been implemented”). The entities in the glossary can be addressed with either their name or their internal Ellie ID (which remains the same even when renaming the entity).

You can check how the Glossary API works directly in the documentation using your environment slug, API key, and entities. Here's an example:

New logo! (and other improvements)

We have also made another major change - our logo has been updated! You might’ve already noticed our new website, and as a part of this facelift, we’re also refreshing the overall brand a little bit. The new logo is one step in that direction; further (small) changes in the colors and so on will be forthcoming.

Other than that, we have as usual added some minor bugfixes and improvements into the new version. For example, the Glossary links in an entity on the Logical Model canvas should now behave a bit nicer when the entity name is very long, and the Settings page for entity type customization (released in Ellie v4.3) has been improved for smaller screen sizes. You can find the full changelog from our Confluence page here; please send us any and all feedback you might have!