October 5, 2022
5 minutes

Ellie’s Roadmap Update – Q4 2022

Product Design
Juha Korpela
Chief Product Officer, Ellie.ai

Interested in what’s next for Ellie? Read on to find out about our upcoming releases, roadmap, and direction going forward!

Long-term vision – “The Data Product Platform”

If you’ve been following Ellie for a while, you may have noticed that our vision has evolved. We still strongly believe in letting our customers create a holistic Enterprise View of their data, centered around data models of different levels. On top of that, we also want to give Ellie users the tools and frameworks to ensure that the data products they design aim at bringing real business value and that this knowledge can be shared throughout their data stack.

What’s next for Ellie?

Below you’ll find our plans for the immediate next releases. Note that these are always subject to change, but this is our best estimate in the current situation.

Ellie’s next releases, their contents, and their estimated schedule

Glossary API to be released in Ellie v4.4

Integrating Ellie with your workflows in other tools is vitally important for us. After all, that is the way your designs get to be actually used!

Glossary API Visualization

In Ellie v4.4, we will be releasing our next API, which will enable you to operate on the Glossary in Ellie. The Glossary, of course, includes all the conceptual entities and their attributes and other metadata – the core building blocks of conceptual models in Ellie and the “dictionary” of your business terms.

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on the Glossary via this new API will make it easy to set up new integrations. Some examples:

  • building business term synchronization (one-way or two-way) with other glossary sources, such as Data Catalogs or dedicated glossary tools
  • updating the metadata in Ellie’s Glossary with implementation details from technical tools, so that Ellie users could easily see what has been implemented
  • fetching additional metadata from Ellie into other tools on-demand, e.g. displaying descriptions of terms used

Adding more user management options with Okta integration

Managing your Ellie users will become a lot easier with our v4.5 release if you’re utilizing Okta for your organization’s IAM needs. Earlier, we released our Azure Active Directory integration for user management, and in a similar fashion, we will be enabling Okta for user management.

Ellie's Okta integration

One of the major selling points of Ellie is of course the fact that it’s so easy to use, thus enabling Ellie to be a tool for not only data experts but everyone interested in data. Being able to manage users via your own IAM solution makes life a lot easier, especially when you might end up adding hundreds and hundreds of read-access users like some of our customers do!

At the same time as enabling Okta, we will also be modifying our internal user management functionalities to make it easier to add more IAM solutions in the future.

Performance and stability improvements & more to come

We are also in the process of re-engineering some of the existing under-the-hood mechanics relating to Ellie’s conceptual modeling canvas. This is expected to result in major performance and stability improvements along the way, as well as making it far easier for us to add all kinds of new functionalities in the future. Most of this work is going to be completely invisible to you as we want to maintain the overall UX, but some quality-of-life changes on the conceptual models will be coming! More information on this will be forthcoming.