July 21, 2022
4 minutes

Going Global, Ellie CEO Company Update

Company Vision

Hi Ellie Community! As the first half of the year is closing in and many are anticipating their summer holidays, I wanted to give a quick recap of what we’ve been up to here at Ellie, and share our global accomplishments!

Ellie is Growing

Back in 2021 we again doubled our revenue! We take that as a strong indicator that data teams are starting to see the value of the modern approach to data modeling, and visual metadata management.

Through the first half of 2022, our growth has continued. More and more companies are becoming Ellie users, and we have an expanding network of partners, all over the world, starting to bring Ellie into their projects.

One of the cool highlights is that we are seeing Ellie modeling popping up as a job requirement more and more often. To us, this means that Ellie is becoming a de facto data modeling and management tool for a growing amount of data teams.

But let’s get back to business! We’ve recently achieved a couple of exciting milestones, which directly impact our future and help us develop Ellie at a more rapid pace – getting us closer to how we envision Ellie in the future.

Going Global

This year our goal is to expand our customer base across the world, and as of today, companies in four additional countries have started using Ellie within their organizations! Customers in New Zealand are now the furthest from our home base here in the Nordics. And as we continue to grow our customer base, we’re also growing our team. We’re recruiting multiple new hires into our R&D team and will be also boosting our sales and marketing operations in the coming fall. You can expect to see and meet team Ellie in a number of upcoming industry events and expos. More on those later!

Growth Funding

Another important achievement is that Ellie just got selected into Business Finland’s Young Innovative Companies program. The program was created by the Finnish government in 2008 and provides funding to the most prominent Finnish startups to expand to the global markets. Companies like Wolt and Supercell were a part of the program prior to becoming multi-billion success stories.

Looking Forward

Growing customer base and new funding are extremely exciting to our team as they help us to develop Ellie at a faster pace. We have quite an ambitious vision for Ellie, which we cover frequently in our blog posts. As with all grand plans, it takes time and effort to achieve them. Here’s a short recap of what we envision:

Ellie aims to become the go-to place for metadata and context. You can manage your data products starting from the high-level business requirements, and dive deep into the metadata of your database tables – all in the same place.

Fully executing our plan will obviously take some time. However already now, our rapid growth is really validating our product vision. Ellie is becoming a vital piece of the data stack for many of our customers. And when companies start using Ellie, they usually wonder how they’ve been ever getting by without it?

Final Words

Our mission is to make data understandable and approachable for the whole organization. And when we succeed, we see the data culture becoming the new normal for large organizations. We’re still in our early days, but already now, the future looks extremely promising!